Lyrics: Nefernefer

The only thing that I don’t want to see
The only thing that really hurts me is the
look on your face when I fail to deliver
all the things that you deserve
Suspicions don’t play a role
We all believe in what we hope for

Im a thief, im a a sinner
since I‘m wrapped around your finger
Open heart, weak mind
the nature of mankind
I am blinded by your beauty
I forgive you how you treat me
I will love you forever
my pretty Nefernefer

My modest mind and my self-control
The gold and diamonds of a humble soul
I put them both against the wall
I pulled the trigger and watched them fall
For a place in your heart
for a moment in your arms

I‘m a thief….

I found only one solution
to put an end to the love delusion
But someone else lost it before me
and decided to end his misery
The queen of sorrows and her slave
holding each other in a grave

I‘m a thief…

I will love you forever, my pretty Nefernefer
I will love you forever….

Lyrics: Heart full of Joy

I have a heart in a golden chest
next to the nine I like the best
It wears a black dress and a diamond choker
It’s my favorite, its a real looker

But still im sad
Its not like the one i once had
A heart full of joy

I was a miner for a heart of gold
then found one and hung it on my wall
Next to the big one I stole from its nest
It would have never fit in my chest

But still im sad
They‘re not like the one i once had
A heart full of joy

I once heard a voice that cried
„Wake up you fool, im still here inside!“
But i got scared and covered my ears
It made my heart shed blood red tears

It got depressed
and flew out of my chest
my heart full of joy

Lyrics: Jealous God

Verse 1
Last night, I woke up to a blinding light
and i saw a vision of God talking to me
He said – „You shall listen, and you shall obey
You shall tremble in fear and pray“

„For I am here to tell you the truth of me
I am here to reveal a lie
I’m not the loving god you’re all hoping for
The poor Nazarene – well he got everything wrong“

Last night the curtain fell before my eyes
and i saw the God, beyond the lies
It was the god of war, and the God of fire
run, run for your lives!

Verse 2
„There is something, you have done against my will.
Something that you all need to pay for.
You see, three cannot be one, do you understand?
You have disobeyed my number one command!“


Verse 3
We made a golden calf to love us all
and must now appease the jealous God
The god who loves only of his kind
The god of the hateful, intolerant and blind

He sent a poison cloud from the skies
and watched us suffocate with empty eyes
The wrath of heaven is upon us all
We must die to appease the jealous God,
we all must die to appease the jealous God!