Lyrics: Jealous God

Last night, I woke up to a blinding light
and i saw a vision of God talking to me
He said – „You shall listen, and you shall obey
You shall tremble in fear and pray“

„For I am here to tell you the truth of me
I am here to reveal a lie
I’m not the loving god you’re all hoping for
The poor Nazarene – well he got everything wrong“

Last night the curtain fell before my eyes
and i saw the God, beyond the lies
It was the god of war, and the God of fire
run, run for your lives!

„There is something, you have done against my will.
Something that you all need to pay for.
You see, three cannot be one, do you understand?
You have disobeyed my number one command!“

Last night the curtain…

We made a golden calf to love us all
and must now appease the jealous God
The god who loves only of his kind
The god of the hateful, intolerant and blind

He sent a poison cloud from the skies
and watched us suffocate with empty eyes
The wrath of heaven is upon us all
We must die to appease the jealous God,
we all must die to appease the jealous God!