Lyrics: Nefernefer

The only thing that I don’t want to see
The only thing that really hurts me is the
look on your face when I fail to deliver
all the things that you deserve
Suspicions don’t play a role
We all believe in what we hope for

Im a thief, im a sinner
since I‘m wrapped around your finger
Open heart, weak mind
the nature of mankind
I am blinded by your beauty
I forgive you how you treat me
I will love you forever
my pretty Nefernefer

My modest mind and my self-control
The gold and diamonds of a humble soul
I put them both against the wall
I pulled the trigger and watched them fall
For a place in your heart
for a moment in your arms

I‘m a thief….

I found only one solution
to put an end to the love delusion
But someone else lost it before me
and decided to end his misery
The queen of sorrows and her slave
holding each other in a grave

I‘m a thief…

I will love you forever, my pretty Nefernefer
I will love you forever….