Lyrics: Rash of Earth

(For some orientation: The Lyrics are a dialogue between two parties)

Fly high above us
Above the air and sound
Tell us what you find there
A million feets from the ground

Can you see the things we hope for
The things that make us feel so safe
Or the things that we‘re scared of
the things that we can not explain

You all disappear from the sight
All thats left is dark and light
A glowing rash on earths‘ skin
Nothing else

Tell us what you see there
Are our questions answered
Please tell us there is a meaning
And our prayers are not unheard

Can you see the heavens gates
and the path to paradise
Can you peek behind the curtain
Of the dark and starry sky

All I see is what we we are
dust and ashes from the stars
A glowing rash on earths‘ skin
Nothing else

If youre feeling lost and alone
You better start a life of your own
Up here theres only emptiness that listens
Nothing else

Bring us the truth and spare us from your lies
Be His prophet and speak the word into our minds

Bring us enlightenment and deliver us from doubt
Bring us His commandments to show what faith is all about

Bring His law and order, raise your fist to the sky and yell
The good ones go to heaven and the wicked burn in hell!