Experimenting with drop down tuning

We have not really used our website as a blog in the past, but we thought it would be good to add some activity here too. Maybe it’s even better than writing on Facebook or Instagram because you don’t have to worry about how many likes you get 😉

We have been using so far only standard tuning with the e string dropped to D in some songs. But I was never really sure if this is exactly the sound that we want to convey. Already early guitarists like Jimi Hendrix noticed that guitars just sound better when they are tuned down half a tone or a whole tone down. Or based on what kind of music you play, drop down tunings far beyond that are also common.

Yesterday we started experimenting dropped tunings with our existing songs – just to see how it works. We started by dropping the tuning down a whole tone to D. It sounded darker for sure, but also a bit less defined than we would like it to be. Then we tried half a tone and that worked better. Better than the standard tuning we had been using. Using a bit lower tuning also means that I don’t have to scream at the end of the mixed male voice range on some of the songs. I was excited by the new sound and we will continue to experiment with this!

It was a very productive rehearsal by any means. We also started composing a new song that we’re sure you will love. Cant wait to get it ready 🙂