Ahoy! New Single single is out!

Our new single „Ahoy!“ is out! Available on YouTube and Spotify. Here is the youtube lyrics video for the song. Go check it out and give thumbs up if you like it. Or even better, subscribe to our channel if you want to support us on our journey.

March of Ignorance

Here is a intro reel to our new song „March of Ignorance“ – a song more relevant than ever. The rest of the song will follow. Hope you like it!

New Promotion Photo

Yesterday we had a photo session before rehearsals and made a new promotional picture. This time with a touch of colour. We took the picture at a scenic and somewhat industrial looking place near our rehearsal room. I think it turned out quite nice 🙂

Experimenting with drop down tuning

We have not really used our website as a blog in the past, but we thought it would be good to add some activity here too. Maybe it’s even better than writing on Facebook or Instagram because you don’t have to worry about how many likes you get 😉

We have been using so far only standard tuning with the e string dropped to D in some songs. But I was never really sure if this is exactly the sound that we want to convey. Already early guitarists like Jimi Hendrix noticed that guitars just sound better when they are tuned down half a tone or a whole tone down. Or based on what kind of music you play, drop down tunings far beyond that are also common.

Yesterday we started experimenting dropped tunings with our existing songs – just to see how it works. We started by dropping the tuning down a whole tone to D. It sounded darker for sure, but also a bit less defined than we would like it to be. Then we tried half a tone and that worked better. Better than the standard tuning we had been using. Using a bit lower tuning also means that I don’t have to scream at the end of the mixed male voice range on some of the songs. I was excited by the new sound and we will continue to experiment with this!

It was a very productive rehearsal by any means. We also started composing a new song that we’re sure you will love. Cant wait to get it ready 🙂

Pics from the gig at Jubez (06.10.2023)

Gig Review from Jürgen Gizzi:

The Karlsruhe formation is difficult to put into the famous pigeonholes. If you try, you will end up with the term prog doom. Fat guitar carpets, slow melodies form the basis, and interesting and surprising changes never let boredom arise. On top of that, lead guitarist Martin’s vocals, which tend to be in the higher registers, work perfectly as an optimal counterpoint to the otherwise dark sound of the band.
The audience at the album release gig in the Jubez was very enthusiastic and celebrated the band accordingly. They played the complete debut plus a few encores that didn’t make it onto the album.
If you have the chance to see Veldt Void, don’t miss them!

Lyrics: Rash of Earth

(For some orientation: The Lyrics are a dialogue between two parties)

Fly high above us
Above the air and sound
Tell us what you find there
A million feets from the ground

Can you see the things we hope for
The things that make us feel so safe
Or the things that we‘re scared of
the things that we can not explain

You all disappear from the sight
All thats left is dark and light
A glowing rash on earths‘ skin
Nothing else

Tell us what you see there
Are our questions answered
Please tell us there is a meaning
And our prayers are not unheard

Can you see the heavens gates
and the path to paradise
Can you peek behind the curtain
Of the dark and starry sky

All I see is what we we are
dust and ashes from the stars
A glowing rash on earths‘ skin
Nothing else

If youre feeling lost and alone
You better start a life of your own
Up here theres only emptiness that listens
Nothing else

Bring us the truth and spare us from your lies
Be His prophet and speak the word into our minds

Bring us enlightenment and deliver us from doubt
Bring us His commandments to show what faith is all about

Bring His law and order, raise your fist to the sky and yell
The good ones go to heaven and the wicked burn in hell!

Lyrics: My Throne

Come down off your throne
Step out from the dust
Into the daylight

Drop your crown away and take defeat
Make a cut your hand and let it bleed
In all your peoples sight

My fate is to belong
to the desert I rule
My fate is a falling throne

Sing out loud the freedom song
People you are free to go
Into the daylight

Leave this place to its despair
run like wild and breath the air
of the new born world

Their fate is to belong
to the desert I rule
Their fate is my falling throne

Your faith is my throne

Lyrics: Game of Grace

Hey Mr. carpenter guess my name
I am a loser in your game
My tries to succeed were disqualified
for not being born on the winning side

What is the sin that made me earn my loss?
Was it the one that you suffered for me on the cross?
You threw me here with an empty hand
Because of your grace, I am, what I am

show your grace, keep your word, show your grace

Hey Mr. carpenter guess my name
I am a soldier in your game
the rules are simple, bow and obey
fight for an unknown cause every day

Why should abstain from use of violence?
Why should I deny the reason of my existence?
You threw me here and spilled blood on my hands
Because of your grace, I am, what I am

Come on, keep your word and return
Come on, come on
Give us the grace that we deserve

Hey Mr. carpenter guess my name
I am a winner in your game
The rules are simple, crush and devour
strike first and strike with all your power

Why should I share my wealth and welfare?
Why would I give and pretend that i care?
You made the rules, not me goddamn!
Because of your grace, I am, what I am

show your grace, keep your word, keep your word

Come on, keep your word and return
Come on, come on
Give us the grace that we deserve